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Are you getting married?

Congratulations! I know you’re excited and your eyes are probably full of stars and you are planning your wedding and wedding dress. But do you have the planning for your wedded life done? Make sure you come for marriage preparation!

What is marriage preparation?

A marriage, like any relationship, can be difficult to maintain. No-one had classes in how to cross the road to come together, how to communicate, how to fight fair, or how emotional intimacy is achieved. A marriage does not care for itself, it is a living entity. It requires attention and care.

The best time to work on a marriage is before the wedding. Then people are very willing to put energy into making the marriage a success. This marriage preparation helps couples to take responsibility, from the beginning, for their marital relationship and to accept and cooperate to decide how they want to do it. In marriage preparation, a couple is schooled and shown to potential conflicts and problem areas and how to prevent or treat it.

What does marriage preparation consist of?

Marriage preparation consists of 6 sessions. The following themes are treated:

• Know yourself
• Know your partner
• Family of origin
• Communication and conflict resolution
• Sexuality

Marriage preparation helps couples to understand that marriage comes from God, and how they can build a unique and new identity for their special relationship with each other. Not only to learn more about himself/herself, the relationship, and communication and conflict resolution, but there is also an in-depth look at each individual’s family of origin, from which different perspectives on a marriage result.

During the preparation questionnaires are used and also mutual discussions between the couple on the ideals of what is expected from the marriage. There will also be given tasks which will help the couple’s conversation continue after the session.
Marriage is the most important investment concerning relationships in our lives. Make sure you make the best investment by preparing for the marriage to come.


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Dr. Gretha offers help to people struggling with a variety of issues, including depression, stress or crises of faith, sexual abuse, marriage and family problems, and a variety of other problems.

Dr. Heymans has counseled several degrees in Theology and a Masters and Doctorate in Pastoral Therapy. B.A. (UOVS), B.Th (UOVS), NDT (UOVS), M.Th (UOVS), Ph.D (UOVS).

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